Book Review: Reign Of Blood by Sandy DeLuca

Reign Of Blood by Sandy DeLuca
(DarkFuse) (Release Date May 2012)

Darcy’s life was unlike other girls. Obsessed with the lives of killers like Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate, she memorized their deeds and reveled in their love.

She moved from town to town with her mother—a con and murderer—evading police, leaving behind a bloody trail of death and terror.

But everything changed when they moved to Barlow Falls. The dead greeted them and an enigmatic man named Bobby seduced Darcy, showing her scenes of destruction and carnage.

He took her away from Barlow Falls, but in time she learned he was more vicious and colder than her mother, capable of destroying entire families and persuading innocent victims to follow him on a vile, bloody path.

Years later the murderous duo returns to Barlow Falls, and Darcy learns startling truths about herself, her family and the dead who haunt her.

Sandy DeLuca continues to publish some of the most haunting dark fiction in the business. Her latest book “Reign of Blood” just may be her best work to date.

“Reign Of Blood” is disturbing, unsettling, blood-soaked and depraved, yet brilliantly crafted. A tale of Darcy, a young woman who is obsessed with past killers lives and the women that were at their side when they did their heinous crimes.

The story starts off  quickly and violently, never letting up, the story becoming more decadent the further you read. Then when you get to the end…..I am not going to spoil the ending for anyone, but I can say that you will not walk away from this book disappointed. You will walk away shaken up, knowing that this story will stick with you long after you turn the last page.

I’ve only recently started reading Sandy’s books and I am glad I did. She is one of the best out there, each book continues to push boundaries, giving her readers something to think about.

“Reign Of Blood is a delectable, thought provoking, frightening tale and I give it my highest recommendation.

I would also like to mention the publisher of “Reign Of Blood” DarkFuse, and say that they are really putting out some quality work and I for one am hoping it continues.

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