Book Review: The Cold Spot by JG Faherty

The Cold Spot by JG Faherty
(DarkFuse) (Release Date: April 17, 2012)

Clay Daniels is an outcast among outcasts. Cursed with a terrible birthmark on his face, his life is an endless misery of teasing and physical abuse from his classmates. Things only get worse when his parents die and he’s forced to move in with cruel relatives who make the torture of school seem like paradise.

Then everything changes when he meets a boy named John in the woods behind his house. John and his friends don’t care what Clay looks like, or that he’s not strong or particularly smart. That’s because they’re dead, and the dead don’t discriminate. Their acceptance of him helps Clay overcome his initial fear, and soon he’s doing all the cool things he always dreamed of—sneaking out of the house, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and hanging out in a hidden cemetery.

For the first time in his life he knows the joy of having friends. Friends who treat him as an equal. Friends who have his back when trouble comes along, and even stick up for him against his violent cousin. But John and the others harbor dangerous secrets.

The secrets of the Cold Spot.

I love ghost stories, have ever since I was first able to read, something about them always gets under my skin and if they are as well written, twisted and creepy as JG Faherty’s “The Cold Spot”, well that just makes it even better.

This is the first book I have read by JG Faherty and if any of his other work is anything like this he is definitely an author I will be keeping my eye on.

“The Cold Spot” is a tale that will bring you back to the days of your youth, going to school, reliving those days, thinking “Boy am I glad I don’t have to go through that again”. It is also a tale of bullying, fitting in and the horrors “the cool kids” bring upon the outcasts and those that don’t fit in.

Clay Daniels loses his parents and dog in a horrific fire and has to go live with his aunt and uncle, and three cousins. His relatives are uncaring and even cruel. If that is not bad enough Clay has to attend a new school where he is immediately picked on because of the wine colored birthmark on his face.

But not is all lost as Clay meets a ghost named John and his three ghost friends in the woods behind his uncle’s house. Clay is finally accepted by someone and gets to experience friendship and just hanging out with a bunch of guys (even though they are ghosts) that also have his back.

Everything is not all that it seems. John and his friends harbor secrets, dark secrets that Clay finds out about too late.

“The Cold Spot” is a very quick read and I recommend reading it one sitting, though to tell you the truth it would be hard not to. It moves along at a good pace, is very emotional, even heartbreaking with a fantastic ending that blew me away.

“The Cold Spot” is one of the best ghost stories I have read in a long time. If you love ghost stories you will love this one and I highly recommend it.

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